Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Modeling Paper - part 3

The photos !
     Well, in the first 3 pictures you'll see gorgeous Anda (hairstyle: Médea, make-up: Andreea Iancu) and in the last ones, of course : me (make-up and hairstyle by Médea), both of us were wearing Médea's creations .

These amazing pictures were taken by lovely Andreea Iancu



Modeling Paper - part 2

     The pictures below are from past week when I had the opportunity to pose in a paper dress (in the next post you'll see those photos). The hairstyle and make-up (by Médea) ware a bit grunge and made me feel free and confident. As you know the grunge style has born in the 90's and still rocks as a way of self expression in high fashion. I certainly loved the way my make-up and hairstyle were in contrast with the gorgeous white paper dress.
   Anyway I think that the hairstyle suited perfect to my outfit from that day, what do you say??

Stradivarius -jeans
Bershka - jumper
Jennyfer - shirt 

pictures by Andreea Iancu


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Modeling Paper

       This week  Médea (fashion designer) needed some help with one of her projects - some gorgeous paper dresses that needed to be photographed, so she asked  Andreea Iancu .
       When the day come, was quite cold outside so shooting outdoor was out of order and the single option remained was Medea's flat. After the weather problem occurred another one - the light - the room was poor lighted and made the shooting harder, but despite all this we had a great time, it was fun wearing those dresses, I felt like a ballerina...and in the end the pictures were great. The job was well done and I think Medea is pleased :)

with Anda
Make-up : Medea Kope and Andreea Iancu
Design : Medea Kope
Hairstyle: Medea Kope
Photo: Andreea Iancu

Stay tune for more pictures and details


Friday, January 27, 2012

Why Mishuella

 Today I wanna tell you how Mishuella has born...
After reading a Kayture post ( that Andreea Iancu suggested) I've decided to write about the beginnings of my blog.Everything began with my friend, Andra,who started the School of Blogs, she was so in-love with the new whole thing and somehow pushed me to start a blog...I wasn't fond about it but I still started "Little Slices" where I was writing about all kind of events, concerts, politics, religion, funny videos, music ...but it wasn't my thing ( to be sincerer I did't enjoy it at all) so I've stopped writing .
In the meantime I was a model in Andreea Iancu 's shootings and I was posting on Lookbook.nu -  enjoying this at maximum -  through  Lookbook.nu I've discovered fashion blogs and began thinking why not starting one myself - thing as done - but I needed a new name, different then my first blog's one - something that could represent my personality - hard job:)) and i wanna say thanks through that to Andreea who came up with the name - her boyfriend's name is Mihai and I call him Mishu and as our names are similar, I'm Mihaela, she began calling me Mishuella - so the name was perfect for my new blog, for my fashion blog and in a day of January the things started to take birth and since then it passed over a year ...and I'm still writing.

:* Mishuella

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nails Inspiration


Modify and Adapt :
Rimmel - silver / Golden Rose - nude pink

Thanks for Reading !

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Show me your fur !

        One of my obsession this winter is the FUR, so I've asked people from Lookbook to share the best furry outfit at md.mishuella@yahoo.com. I'm so excited - I've received some amazing furry looks, thanks girls for sharing, unfortunately I had to choose only 5 of them for my post

1. Melissa

2. Katie Lie , 21yr, Brooklyn - New York

3. Cloverbud, 20yr, Chicago

4. Becky, 23yr, Hampshire - England

     Hope you'll love the looks as much I do, each girls has her unique style and shows us a different way of wearing fur.
     Melissa dear I couldn't decide between those two looks so I've share both :)
     Stay tune for the next theme!!