Monday, April 2, 2012

The Awakening (2011)

"After the massive loss of life in World War I
many drew comfort from a belief 
in the supernatural."

The Awakening este un film de groaza regizat de Nick Murphy. Il recomand pentru ca a reusit sa imi faca pielea de gaina, ceea ce putine filme de groaza o mai fac in zilele de azi, iar finalul este de-a dreptul bulversant.
Actiunea este plasata in anul 1921, in Anglia, unde lumea este coplesita de pierderile din Primul Razboi Mondial. Oamenii simt nevoia sa ia legatura cu cei dragi pierduti, lucru ce duce la aparitia spiritistilor falsi - aici intervine protagonista noastra care demasca insleciunile si explica fenomele in mod stiintific. Convingerile ei, insa, se schimba cand incearca sa rezolve misterele mortii unui baiat dintr-un internat. 
Cam atata va pot spune eu, restul las pe seama voastra sa descoperiti.
Vizionare Placuta !

The Awakening is a horror movie directed by Nick Murphy and I recommend cuz it succeed to make me shiver,  thing that few of the nowadays movies can do, and the end is absolutely bewildered
The action is placed in 1921, when England is overwhelmed by the loss of World War I. People feel the need to reconnect with their beloved lost in the war, which leads to the appearance of a lot of hoaxes - our main character exposes the hoaxes and explains the facts in a scientific way. But her beliefs change when she investigates the mysterious death of a child in a boarding school.
That's all that I can say, the rest of the story I leave it to you to discover.
Enjoy !


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