Saturday, February 4, 2012

Manicure idea

           I just love nail-painting, it makes me feel good, happy, joyful in the worst day by just taking a look at my hands . I pick the color and the model based on the day mood or by getting some inspiration from the blogs i follow, or from fashion magazines. I remember when I was at Le Cinema, at Invog - Fashion Show, and I had the chance at backstage access (best thing that could happen ) where I couldn't not stare at one of the make-up artists that had some amazing fingertips (found out that were from Minx) - I was quite fascinated - amazing stuff - similar to nail-polish - looks even better - no nail damage - plus you can choose what pattern crosses your minde - back home I've searched for Minx and found that Sephora has something similar.

So if you like it, you can find it on Minx or at Sephora



  1. Ce tareee!! Cat e un set din ala?

  2. 40lei sau poate mai prinzi la reducere la 18lei