Saturday, February 25, 2012

Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day

Hey girls and guys !! 
I'm broadcasting from Timisoara where the weather seem to warm a bit and the snow started to melt down, but there is a lot to take till spring finally comes even if is almost march for this period of the year, when is not so cold for a winter time and not so warm for a spring one either, I'm wearing headbands or hats cuz soon I'll be missing them, cozy sweaters, cheerful scarves and my favorite pair of boots. 
What about you ?? What do you wear in this kind of days ??

headband - H&M
comforter - Haus of Art
jersey - Reidinger 
gloves - H&M
satchel - Stradivarius
jeans - Stradivarius
knee socks - Meli Melo

:* Mishuella