Thursday, February 2, 2012

Evolution of Style 6

      It's nice to go back in time and see how you used to dress-up, the funny thing is when you realize that you still dress like that and you start to ask yourself if you are old-fashioned or what?!. Today we're going to November 2010 when I was mad about high-waisted skirts and shorts and since then I'm crazy about them.  
       High-waisted is a trend that reinvent himself every decade from chic 40's to rock and roll 50's, to disco 60's and hippie 70's, made it even through 90's. So designers like Marc Jacobs, Rebecca Taylor, Tracy Reese couldn't let it go and have made way to a return of the trend at their runways, seems that everybody loves it ... what about you?? do you like it??

pictures by Corina Dusan


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