Monday, February 6, 2012

e.l.f Cosmetics

       Hey ! I just received the package from e.l.f and I'm super excited, I can't wait to use my new liner :) and all the new stuff. E.l.f cosmetics offer affordable and high quality design, you'll find them in 3 brands : essential (8lei any product), studio (from 18lei) and mineral (from 18lei) - I love it !



  1. I just went on a bit of an E.L.F. binge this past weekend. It really is the perfect make-up for me because it's cheap but good quality, and I barely waer make-up so I couldn't imagine spending a ton of money on it. I have the eyeliner pencil and the liquid liner, unfortunately it was pretty slim-picking when I went though. I also got a blush in "mellow mauve" and some nude lip glosses. I only spent $11 :) how do you link the plumping lip glaze and the mist? My sister bought a finishing mist from MAC and I swear I couldn't tell if it actually did anything at all. Ha. Great post!



  2. @ locketq
    I love elf as you said it's cheap but good quality it's perfect, I have lots of stuffs and I'm satisfied of each one... when it comes up to the plumping lip gloss ... the clear side is incredibly minty and has a strong menthol flavor,the gloss itself is amazing,the color is very sheer but if you want it for a plumper, this isn't worth it - I use the clear side first and then apply the color over it all the time - It looks amazing and fresh on the lips and I love it more then a simple gloss