Friday, January 27, 2012

Why Mishuella

 Today I wanna tell you how Mishuella has born...
After reading a Kayture post ( that Andreea Iancu suggested) I've decided to write about the beginnings of my blog.Everything began with my friend, Andra,who started the School of Blogs, she was so in-love with the new whole thing and somehow pushed me to start a blog...I wasn't fond about it but I still started "Little Slices" where I was writing about all kind of events, concerts, politics, religion, funny videos, music ...but it wasn't my thing ( to be sincerer I did't enjoy it at all) so I've stopped writing .
In the meantime I was a model in Andreea Iancu 's shootings and I was posting on -  enjoying this at maximum -  through I've discovered fashion blogs and began thinking why not starting one myself - thing as done - but I needed a new name, different then my first blog's one - something that could represent my personality - hard job:)) and i wanna say thanks through that to Andreea who came up with the name - her boyfriend's name is Mihai and I call him Mishu and as our names are similar, I'm Mihaela, she began calling me Mishuella - so the name was perfect for my new blog, for my fashion blog and in a day of January the things started to take birth and since then it passed over a year ...and I'm still writing.

:* Mishuella

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