Saturday, January 28, 2012

Modeling Paper

       This week  Médea (fashion designer) needed some help with one of her projects - some gorgeous paper dresses that needed to be photographed, so she asked  Andreea Iancu .
       When the day come, was quite cold outside so shooting outdoor was out of order and the single option remained was Medea's flat. After the weather problem occurred another one - the light - the room was poor lighted and made the shooting harder, but despite all this we had a great time, it was fun wearing those dresses, I felt like a ballerina...and in the end the pictures were great. The job was well done and I think Medea is pleased :)

with Anda
Make-up : Medea Kope and Andreea Iancu
Design : Medea Kope
Hairstyle: Medea Kope
Photo: Andreea Iancu

Stay tune for more pictures and details



  1. This looks so cool :)

  2. this is so cool!!!
    xx s

  3. you look so beautiful and the dresses are gorgeous! I think your blog is fantastic, so I'm following you now :)