Thursday, December 29, 2011


     Hello my dears, have you had a great time on Christmas?? I sure did, but now I'm changing destination from my grandparents village to Straja, a lovely mountain resort , I'm planing to spend some days over there including the New Year Eve and I'm hopping that the weather will be amazing :) 
     So I wish you a Happy New Year !!! Hope will be a great one !

Last year pictures from Straja 

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Invog - Red Nose Fashion Friday - The Show

    As I've promised some picture from the show, sorry for posting so late :)
If you remember I've been invited to Invog - Red Nose Fashion Friday by my friend Anda (model) and the fashion designer Médea Köpe.
    The show was amazing and all the fashion designers were great (Diana Tătucu, Adriana Delia Bărar, Corina Hadarag, Medea Kope, Florin Lazăr, Daniel Ignat, Oana Zablău, Keresztes Krisztina) I had a wonderful time :)
    The pictures are by Andreea Iancu 

Anda and Medea :)


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Invog - Red Nose Fashion Friday - Backstage

            This Friday 8 fashion designers showed their creations for a charitable cause at Le Cinema Club under the name of  Invog - Red Nose Fashion Friday , all the money that were raised during the night are for the little kids from the Placement Center Oradea.
            As you already know we'll start with the backstage things :) So we had to be at Le Cinema at 6:30 pm ( I went with Anda - as shes's a model I have a backstage pass) , there we've met with Médea Köpe one of the designers and the rest of the girls - and the agitation started - hair styling, makeups, rehearsals for the catwalk, dressing models and making sure everything looks impeccable.

In the next post you'll find pictures from the event so - stay tuned !

make-up artist Sabrina Dumbraveanu
hair styling Médea Köpe


Monday, December 12, 2011


              This weekend I had the chance to see what happens in the backstage of a Fashion Show thanks to Anda (my roommate's sister), so I've spend some lovely time with Sabrina Dumbraveanu -make-up artist,  Médea Köpe - fashion designer and her gorgeous models. It's amazing to see how much work is submitted for everything to be perfect - every detail matters : hairstyle, make-up,clothes, accessories and every single step on the catwalk .

               In the pictures above you can find Médea KöpeSabrina Dumbraveanu and the models : Andreea, Claudia, Anda.
               You can also see them Saturday 17.12. in Fratelli Timisoara - so be there !!


Saturday, December 10, 2011


            Every year for the freshmen it's hold a Ball. The ball notion has been distorted over the years, it became a show with freshmen as entertainment for us, but it seems that for the Architectural Faculty things never changed and this year I had the chance to experience that with my little sister ( who is one of the freshmen) and Andreea I.
                     Remember guys !
Ball = A formal social gathering for dancing.
Ballroom dancingFormal social dancing in couples, popular as a recreation and also as a competitive activity, including the waltz, cha-cha, and foxtrot

The theme was The Twenties, so everyone dressed alike, in the pictures above you can find my sister Corina, my cousin Adelina, Andreea Iancu and her friends.